Michelle Williams

A mother who radiates self-love and self-acceptance
actually vaccinates her daughter against low self-esteem. – Naomi Wolff

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Michelle Williams. I am a Mom, Wife, Marketing Professional, Entrepreneur, Emotional Freedom Technique practioner and Life Coach based on the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.

With over 15 years experience in Marketing and Communications (wow, time moves pretty fast!) I love the creative process! What I love most about my job is connecting and collaborating with others, sharing stories and being a part of an amazing team – it lights me up! I’m currently a Marketing Consultant in the Insurance Industry.

From a very young age, I’ve always had a longing to connect and support others. I remember visiting my grandfather in the hospital and was in awe by the nurses and wanted to be their “helper”. At home, I would often play teacher with my imaginary students. At school I recall being in elementary and participating in a program where we supported a child in socializing with his peers on the playground. We acted as an advocate if he needed support and would celebrate his successes each week. I have a genuine interest and curiosity about what is important to others and through my own healing journey, I was reconnected to this early desire and passion.

Illuminate Life Now

I began my own journey to healing in my early 20’s. Suffering from the impact of early childhood abuse, I was faced with overwhelming anxiety and depression. It was a very challenging period and one that looking back shaped me to become the person I am today.  Through my ongoing commitment to practicing self love, self care, counselling/coaching and affirmations I was able to learn to love myself and take responsibility to move forward and heal my life. 

Ten years later, the game changed again when I became a mother. The quote above was given to me by my sister and upon receipt, it set in motion another profound and transformational shift. I started to discover the fears that blocked me from a new perspective. Taking huge fearless actions to live a life on purpose and create living a life I love! The great thing is, not only did I bring healing and power to my own life, I contributed to the healing of others – letting go of the need to punish through my personal commitment to Powerful Families and Forgiveness.

What’s Possible?

My mission is to create and a safe space for all to be heard inspiring deep love and joy as we dance fearlessly in world.

What this looks like is partnering with others who are ready, open and willing to embrace change. Using a series of tools and techniques we will work together to expand those areas that are important to you NOW. Whether it be expanded levels of confidence, courage and compassion or increasing joy and freedom, I will be your partner to support you in achieving what you really want in life.

Thank you for visiting. If you would like more information about my offerings or to schedule a session, please contact me.  I would love to connect with you!

Love and Blessings,
Michelle Williams


My Passions

  • Family, Friendships and Communities that work and where people feel valued and heard
  • Personal Growth and Development – Mastery, I am a jedi in training!
  • Play and Adventure – My daughter (and my husband for that matter lol) continue to teach me how further tap into my inner child
  • Celebration – the ups, downs and everything in between
  • Freedom – Ongoing discovery of what this looks like for myself and the world around me

What lights me up

  • Connecting and sharing with others and celebrating successes
  • Adventures with my family and friends and meeting new people
  • Experiencing the “heart” of another person – Courage/Vulnerability
  • Co-creating to illuminate joy in the world