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Michelle is a truly inspiring coach to work with. She has the ability to be “real” with others and this authenticity cultivates a genuine sense of trust. Michelle listens from a place of love and acceptance and I always felt completely comfortable to be open and honest in our sessions. She is a light in this world and I have always been grateful that our paths crossed.

– Lesley


Michelle, Thank you for being such a beautiful insightful and strong coach. You pushed me when I needed it and pulled me when I needed that. Your coaching was one of the reasons I enjoyed the program so much. I looked forward to our weekly calls.

– Erin


Despite badly needing some support and direction in my life, I discovered that one of my biggest obstacles was taking advice from others and being “coachable”.  Michelle was empathetic and compassionate, but also resolute in her commitment to help me.  It was the perfect marriage of “push” and “pull” to snap me out of my world and open up new places to explore.  Michele has diverse education in distinctive training methodologies that really allowed her to work with me within a holistic perspective – addressing mindset, emotional, and mental barriers that limited my productivity, well-being, and sense of worth.  She had multiple angles or perspectives to approach these barriers from to unlock the breakthroughs that were waiting on the other side. 

– Trent

Love on fence

Michelle’s love and sincerity for this work really shows as she delivers her workshops with so much compassion and love. She puts you at ease with her genuine caring nature and helped me uncover a major block in my life which was holding me back. Michelle has a friendly personality which you are instantly drawn to and is truly a beautiful person inside and out. As she guides the group through the exercises, she walks you through it asking questions every step of the way which allowed me to open my awareness. Michelle is a beautiful gift to the world and an amazing workshop leader. Thank you Michelle for showing me that I deserve the best in life.

– Alicia


This was my first workshop and it was incredible that you hit a nerve with me so quickly. I felt the connection as though you knew me much better. I didn’t think for one moment that your words could have such an effect on me. But they did and so THANK YOU it was a real pleasure and I can see you in this role for many years.

– Mary


Michelle’s warm and loving presence put me completely at ease. She really helped me to see things from a new perspective. She is truly a blessing and I highly recommend you attend her workshop.

– Aleta


Michelle is a warm, comforting soul. She created a safe environment for our group to share and be vulnerable allowing for real healing to take place. Thank you!

– Carrie