Based on the philosophy of Louise L. Hay.

Would you like more peace of mind, abundance, prosperity or love in your life?

Heal Your Life workshops and seminars are based on the principles of the book, “You Can Heal Your Life®”, by Louise L. Hay and have been attended by many thousands of people worldwide. The 2 day Love Youself, Heal Your Life® workshop developed by Louise Hay is a powerful program that has participants raving about the life changes it has helped them make. The workshop includes sections on the principles of this philosophy, the mind-body connection, inner child work, mirror work, releasing old emotions, forgiveness, and creating positive affirmations for a new life.

Illuminate Life Now offers workshops in Calgary and surrounding areas. The sessions offer an overview of the philosophy and the life changes that can occur when the growth work is practiced.  The format is also available in  a series of “Living Room Tours” where you can host a conversation, in the privacy of your own home, with a group of friends who are looking to incorporate more love, joy and freedom in their lives.  These workshops can also be delivered in a 1:1 format.   Please contact Michelle for details on how this type of workshop can be created for you.